A Field Good Update: September 2013 – More of a visual take on what is happening on the farm. Enjoy!!

A Field Good Update: August 4, 2013 – Lots of great veggies growing in the field now! Plus lots of wonderful help :)

A Field Good Update: May 5, 2013 – Everything is alive again! Lots of veggies before too long :) A Field Good Update: April 9, 2013 – A fresh start to a new growing season! A Field Good Update: October 1, 2012 – A beautiful autumn day as we prepare the gardens for next year. A Field Good Update: August 20, 2012 – Tomatoes! Heirloom style, The garlic is curing so it won’t be long, Corn is nearly there, Fall shelling peas, Basil for sale! A new greenhouse experiment, and New Farmer Farm Tour in September. A Field Good Update: July 9, 2012 Everything is growing including Ryan’s hair! Thanks for the clean bins, FGF lottery, sides at the drop off and the open house. A Field Good Update: June 11, 2012 Tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce on biodegradable plastic mulch and the rains are helping us along which means good food coming soon! A Field Good Update: May 14, 2012 Chickens on pasture in their Eggmobile, early potatoes, changes in the chicken greenhouse, strawberries, and the North Bay Farmers’ Market on May 19! A Field Good Update: April 16, 2012 Sprouting garlic, chickens destined for pasture, greenhouse ramped for production, and our first field seedings of the year! The Chicken Jungle Gym! We put together a bunch of sunflower stalks that we took out of the garden this year and put them together with twine.  The chickens love it!  At night two perfect rows of chickens form on the highest point on the “jungle gym.”