On Food and Culture

We often think of culture in terms of things like music, movies, and arts in general.  We think that food is one of the most important and interesting aspects of culture.  There is an incredible history to food production, food preparation and food preservation in every culture around the world!  At the farm we are interested in all of these areas of food – we obviously produce food but preparation and preservation are equally interesting.

Food offers communities a reason to gather together and share time with one another.  Nothing is better than being welcomed into someone’s home for a delicious meal.  Equally, it is great to have people over to share food with you.  Isabelle’s family does a “cook-off” of sorts, usually in early December, where they prepare an array of delicious food for preservation for the winter.  They spend 3 or 4 days making an incredible number of pies, torts, and other delicious good.  It is also a time for family to get together and laugh.  It truly is wonderful.

On Soil Microbiology

I have been reading a lot lately about soil micro biology.  It seems that the more I read the more that I am convinced that it is the true way to have a thriving eco-system on the farm.  Conventional agriculture to date, to my knowledge anyway, has shied away from thinking about the healthy of the soil in terms of its biology.  Many small organically run farms, however, are focusing on this to solve disease and pest problems on the farm as well as to grow healthier, better tasting fruits and vegetables.  The idea is that we feed the soil not the plants, and in turn, the soil microbiology provide the plants with what they need to grow.