Land History

Field Good Farms is located on a 100 acre farm just west of Cache Bay, Ontario. The land is the same land that Isabelle’s parents, grandparents, and great grandparents worked throughout their lives. We feel very privileged to be farming on this land and hope that our work and dedication can function to honour this family’s history by continuing the lineage of farmers.

A bit more background information…

Isabelle’s ancestors were among the first settlers in Pointe-Claire (on Montreal Island). In the late 1800s, some members of the family decided to move West. Around this time, northeastern Ontario was being touted as prime farmland. The railway and the church had already been established in a neighbouring town so the family decided to settle. While we can only imagine the hardships that settlement brought, namely, leaving one’s family behind, the arduous travel, the difficulties of clearing the land for agricultural purposes, the family persisted and has been able to keep the land for over 100 years.