Open House

Want us to host an Open House in 2017? Sent us an email with the Subject title: I want an Open House! For a general idea of what goes on during our Open House, please see the 2012 event Itinerary below.


Just a wee tip: It would make sense to arrive at 10:00 a.m.
10:30 Farm Tour and Pasture Walk Starting at the Field Good Farms gazebo a tour will head through the garden, pastures and soon to be pastures. As part of the tour, you’ll get a chance to see our tiny flock of egg-laying chickens on pasture.
12:00 Time designated for lunch – Located in the gazebo After the Farm Tour and Pasture Walk we will head back to the gazebo for your BYO lunch and good ol’ socializing! We will have seating areas set up for those who would like a sit-down lunch.
13:30 Kids activity (9 and under) – Located at the pergola Includes a circle for vegetable discovery, a creative station where kids will make vegetable-inspired crafts and a ‘sandbox’ filled with farm-themed toys.
13:30 Pre-teen activity (10 and above) - Located to the south of the greenhouses The group will be assisted in building the official Field Good Farms scarecrow!
13:30 Information workshops on cooking with local produce – Located in the gazebo Those present will witness a few innovative way to creatively cook what is available locally.
15:00 Repeat Farm Tour and Pasture Walk Same as above.

Directions to the Farm If you are driving to the farm, you can get directions by clicking on this link: (Tip: click on the image map – it will bring you to Google maps where you can type in your starting address).
Parking Follow the sings to one of the two designated parking areas (one is next to the smaller greenhouse and the other is next to the garlic patch)

What to Bring
General: All of the activities for the farm open house will be happening outside so please dress accordingly.

  • Your lunch (if you plan on staying a good part of the day)
  • Something to drink
  • Rain gear
  • Something warm to wear
  • Sun Screen
  • Camera
  • Comfortable shoes or rubber boots that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet
  • A stroller for those who have legs that tire sooner